Photography Policy

Photography Guidelines

We’re happy to permit photography at the park, but we request that you carefully follow these guidelines. Thank you!

  1. Reservations or permits for photography are not required. However, park grounds may be closed for special events. Please check the events page of this site or see our bulletin boards in the park before making plans, and call our office at (484) 797-5302 to confirm availability, or if you have any questions.
  2. Please make a donation to our campaign to keep the park looking wonderful! Consider it a vote of support saying how much you appreciate the hard work of our volunteers. Donations per photo op would be appreciated, or better yet, become a business member of HPF and enjoy the “perks.”
  3. Do not block roads, especially the covered bridge entrance and exit, as it can be a busy road!
  4. Park in designated parking areas only, not on grass, tree roots, flower beds, etc.
  5. Enjoy the beauty of our flower beds, but please be careful not to damage flowers and plants.
  6. Please leave the park as you found it by taking all items with you when you leave.
  7. Be courteous to other park-goers and photographers, since the park can be very busy, especially during the “golden hours” for photography.
  8. Respect the historic integrity of the property and equipment—do not move items in the park to use as props.
  9. Follow park rules as posted on all bulletin boards and on this website.